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UIB (Universal Ignitor Boards)

Q: What does the L and S mean on your UIB Ignitor boards ?
A: Large and Small.
The "S" board dimensions are : 3.25" x 4.25"
The "L" board dimensions are : 3.43" x 5.10

Q: Will a UIB S work in an appliance that uses a UIB L or an Ignitor board of equivalent size ?
A: Yes. The UIB S and UIB L are electrically identical. You might have to drill a hole to accommodate the smaller board size.

Q: I have a UIB with a spade connector in stock, but the board I want to replace has a spark plug type connector . Do I have to get a UIB with a post connector? My customer wants to leave today.
A: No! The spark plug end of the wire can be cut off and replaced with a crimp on spade connector. Some of our customers stock only the UIB's with a spade connector. We make the post models for the convenience of the service center and the "Do it yourselfer" that buys over the counter.
The spark plug connector on the spark wire, can be cut off and a female spade connector can be crimped on in it's place.

Q: Will a 12 VDC UIB Ignitor boards work in 24 VAC (Park model furnaces)?
A: No! And the 24 VAC boards will not work in the 12 VDC Furnaces.

Q: I only have a Fan Control board in stock, can I use it in a water heater?
A: NO! It is for 12 VDC furnaces only.

Q: I have an Acme Whizzbang 300 water heater (purchased by Mr. Wile E. Coyote?). Which board do I use?
A: You can use the UIB S or L with a spade or a post, whichever is convenient. Please use a cover over the board for "Hose off" protection.
All of the UIBs have the same basic circuitry. The UIB S and UIB L are electrically identical, and differ only in size. The Fan Control boards are the same as the UIB S and UIB L, with the addition of a fan control relay. The UIB 24VAC is exactly like a UIB L, but designed to work on 24 volts AC.

Q: The Ignitor board that came out of the appliance uses an external sense wire, what do I do?
A: All of the UIB's work without the need of an external sense wire.

Micro P Series Refrigerator Control Boards

Q: I have a MICRO P-711 installed in a fixed temperature refrigerator, the check light is always on but very dim
A: This is normal-it is a side affect of the circuitry required to work with "dumb eyebrows and smart eyebrows".

Q: I have a refrigerator with an icemaker and it has something stuck on the board cover with wires coming out of it. What do I do with it?
A: Use the old cover and transfer the wires to the MICRO P-711. It's not a great fit ...but it works.

Q: I'm installing a MICRO P-711. Do I cut out the resistor that is attached to the thermistor ?
A: NO, leave it in place.

Q: I have a Dometic® refrigerator model #RM 1303 and my gas valve is still good. Do you have a replacement board that will work?
A: Yes, The Micro P-13 or the Micro P-1338 will work.

Q: Somebody has replaced the original refrigerator board with the Dometic® valve and board kit. Do you have a replacement board that will work?
A: Not at this time, you will have to replace it with Dometic®'s board.

Q: I have a model # RM 3807 and the control board is in a "black box" . Do you have a replacement board that will work?
A: Yes, the Micro P-711 can be used as a 2-way or 3-way board.

Q: I have a Dometic® refrigerator model # S 1531. Will the Micro P-711 work?
A: Yes, the Micro P-711 ships with a 30 Amp fuse with instructions to install it in 3-way units ONLY!

Q: I have a fixed temperature refrigerator and it is just not cold enough, is there a way to fix the
A: Yes, assuming nothing is wrong with the refrigerator. The Micro P-711 board has a temperature adjustment built in that allows the refrigerator temperature to be set to the customer's satisfaction.

Dinosaur's Replacement boards for Norcold® Refrigerators

Q: I have a Norcold® Refrigerator model # 652 and it has a control board in it with part # 61647422, how do I tell which of Dinosaur's boards to use?
A: For all Norcold® refrigerator models, simply match our part # to Norcold's part # for a direct replacement.

Q: I have a Norcold® refrigerator with a board in it that has a catalog # 61571122 or
# 61565022, do you make a board to replace these catalog #s?
A: Yes. For the Norcold® catalog # 61571122 use Dinosaur's D-15711 and for Norcold® catalog # 61565022 use Dinosaur's D-15650. These part #s are the same as the part #s on the Norcold® boards.

Q: I'm working on a Norcold® 838 EG2 and I've been told the interface boards are no longer available. Do you make a replacement?
A: If the recall has not been done, No!
If the recall has been done, Yes!
The Part #s for the interface boards are:
61716822 for the 838 EG2 and 8310 EG2
61716922 for the 838 EG3 and 8310 EG3

Testers for Ignitor Boards

Q: What Ignitor Boards can I test with the IMT 12P Ignitor Board Tester?
A: The IMT 12P can test almost any 12 VDC Ignitor Board.

Q: Can I test the UIB Fan Control Board with the IMT 12P Tester?
A: Yes. You will need to use Fan Control Adapter that ships with the tester.

Q: Can I test a "Park Model" Ignitor board with the IMT 12P Tester ?
A: No. Park Model furnaces use a 24 Volt AC ignitor board. You will need our IMT 24VAC Tester or an equivalent.

Q: I've lost the user manual for my tester, Can I get a replacement ?
A: Yes. Call and ask for a new manual, we will be happy to replace it for you.

Q: I've misplaced (or damaged) the cables for my tester, can I get new ones ?
A: Yes. Replacement cables are available for all of our testers. Refer to our catalog or call to inquire about replacements.

Q: I have a mobile RV service and need a portable tester for ignitor boards. Do you have a tester that is portable?
A: Yes, the IMT 12P tester, has a rechargeable battery good for testing 75-100
boards before recharging. We also have the QuikChek tester that plugs into a cigarette lighter receptacle and is small enough to fit in your tool box.

Testers for Refrigerator Boards

Q: Do you have a tester that will test the older Dometic® refrigerator boards?
A: Yes, the D-5 tester which tests all the older AES® boards prior to the "Black box".

Q: I'm trying to troubleshoot a newer Dometic® refrigerator that uses one of the black box boards. Is there a tester that makes it easier to diagnose?
A: Yes. We make the Micro P-711 Exerciser. The P-711 Exerciser allows one person to go to the back of the refrigerator, unplug the eyebrow and the thermistor, plug in the P-711 exerciser, and check the AC, DC and Gas operation. It eliminates the need to run back and forth or use two people.

Q: Do you have a tester that will test Norcold® Power supply boards ?
A: No! As far as we know there are no testers available for Norcold® power supply boards.